Steve from TopStack Resume was super impressed with the redesigns of Ran Segall and Flux Community and wanted to challenge us to redesign their homepage and A/B test it. A big percentage of their clients makes a purchase after 1-2 visits to and within the 2 days mark, so they can measure conversions pretty accurately. This means the redesigns can be evaluated by the design AND the conversions.

Design & Strategy

  • The goal for the redesign is to optimize the conversion rate.
  • Steve didn't mention anything about the current homepage design that he would like to keep or change.

Target Audience

  • Job seekers between 25-60 years old
  • Most located in the USA
  • 5+ years of professional experience
  • The companies they work for vary in-line with general job market (no particular niche on any particular industry)
  • Most are going through a career transition (e.g. laid off / looking for other jobs opportunities / applying for work now). Very few approach them simply to update their resume. It's almost always initiated because of a need to apply for a job.


• I refine art direction and articulate the message through minimalist illustration animation about a spatial theme,  you know, to aim for the moon…
• Reorganize the hierarchy for increase conversion
• Improve the User Experience by deleting repeating elements
• Give a feeling of professionalism, organized team, welcoming company, attentive to the customer’s goal by changing copywriting.