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Posh Properties




Posh Properties



Posh Properties
Advanced Features
Partners and credits

Federico Bellini ↗︎ (photo and video)
Content creator


Posh Properties rents luxury properties on a seasonal basis with a focus on the human experience.


Rebranding and redesign of the brand's showcase site for PQNT (Piquant), a digital marketing and design agency. In this role, I was responsible for refreshing the brand.



Posh Properties is one of the few rental companies to offer high-end services in addition to clean, well-located, pet-friendly properties.


Give credibility to the brand and reflect its high standards and services in order to attract investors as well as vacationers.

Information consolidation

With the new website, we've sought to clarify Posh Properties's purpose, services and assets.

Before / After

The home page, for example, is longer but is broken down into distinct parts that lead the user to discover their services by answering the questions "Who are we?" or "What?"

With this, social proof elements are integrated such as verified customer reviews or Airbnb certification.

Finally, we answer potential customers' objections with a FAQ that includes a keyword search.


To make the experience as seamless as possible, personalized forms are available on several pages and use background automation to let users know that their request has been received, and to have all these requests automatically added to Posh Properties' CRM.


After redesigning their visual identity, making adjustments to their positioning and defining their personality, we restructured their website with the aim of acquiring leads, by developing personalized, automated forms (contact form, newsletter subscription, management request, etc.).

It's also said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so thanks to Federico's great work, we were able to show and demonstrate the quality of the goods and services provided by Posh Properties through photos and short lifestyle films.