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Tailor-made creative agency







Tailor-made creative agency
From Scratch
Advanced Features
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Branding and content creation
Kalin Poirier ↗︎


Piquant aka PQNT is a full-service agency specializing in lifestyle marketing, the ideal partner for high-end brands.


The agency has had no online presence since it was founded. We therefore refreshed the brand and created a website to build this presence, essential to its development. The aim was to demonstrate the team's know-how and expertise through an original and innovative interactive experience.



Piquant is the little sister of Food Algorithm, a 360° digital agency focused on the restaurant and food sector.

Their mission is to create a unique, personalized experience for each and every one of their customers.


Pqnt is based in Montreal, QC, and arrives in an already crowded market. It targets a high-end clientele across Canada, not just in (French-speaking) Quebec.

Piquant doesn't have a showcase site to promote its creations and develop its online presence.


With the new website, we've sought to clarify Posh Properties's purpose, services and assets.

  • Rebranding of the brand, refresh of the color and logo
  • Development of the graphic universe with new icons, photo direction to match the company's values
  • Strategic design and positioning of the company in the market
  • Pitch Deck
  • Automation of tasks using
  • tool for prospect capture


Create a pleasant, intuitive web experience that reflects the quality of the agency's work. The wow effect will be a significant plus.

Logo refresh

In the beginning, Piquant was called Hexalabs, an extremely generic and unconvincing name. With the help of Kalin Poirier (in charge of branding) we came up with "PQNT", for Piquant.

Animations and micro interactions

The little things that don't matter. Here, it's all about making the experience pleasant and interesting.

Here, for example, to put faces to the company and reinforce contact with potential prospects, we chose to create advanced interactions. Using GSAP, a JavaScript library from GreenSock, we were able to create memorable and dynamic presentations.


The big issue for high-end brands, Piquant's clientele, is credibility: reflecting the quality of their services, demonstrating their ability to innovate (trend) so that their customers can identify with them.

This is why, after working on the agency's positioning and visual identity, we opted for an interactive, modern and slightly offbeat design.

All that remained was to allow users to project themselves into a collaboration with the agency by offering them micro-interactions on several levels.

Piquant's new showcase site represents an important step in the creation of its online presence. Thanks to the rebranding and interactive design, the agency now has an attractive, modern website in line with its values.