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World Wide Scope


February 14, 2023


Fondation Clément


Boucan Production

World Wide Scope
From Scratch
Advanced Features
Partners and credits

Project Holder / Realisation
Boucan Production ↗︎

Art Direction / Design
Arthur Francietta ↗︎

Production / Video editing
Fabien L'Heureux ↗︎

Digital Strategy & Communication
Priscillia Goeury ↗︎

Screen / Equipment
Caritel ↗︎


Boucan Production, an audiovisual and film production company based in Lamentin, Martinique, was commissioned by the Fondation Clément, a Habitation de rhum agricole, to create an interactive experience called WorldWideScope.


Development + optimization of an interactive world map that would allow visitors to discover the bartenders and their unique cocktails through videos created for the occasion. The experience was designed to be as intuitive and accessible as possible.

view of the touch pad at Clement Foundation


This experience takes place in the home itself, in the context of a permanent exhibition. The objective was to highlight the excellence of Clement rums through the viewing of short videos showing the preparation of cocktails presented by bartenders from around the world.

They sought the help of a UI/UX expert to set up this experience.


The aim was to make the experience as intuitive and accessible as possible, by creating an original website with an interactive world map to discover the bartenders' unique cocktail recipes.


One of the main concerns was to make the user experience as intuitive and accessible as possible during this exhibition.

They also had to find a way to interactively present the bartenders and their unique cocktails using Clément rums.

In addition, they had to overcome technical challenges such as Internet access in a wave-tight association (an old stone building) and the multi-screen configuration required for the experience.

Building a fun experience

This approach gives us the opportunity to pique curiosity through exploration. Curiosity being an important lever, we have :

  • Arthur Francietta created a world map respecting Clement's graphic guidelines.
  • Created an interactive map via Webflow, a no-code creation platform.
  • Entrusted management of the multi-screen configuration to Caritel, a specialized supplier.
  • Integrated code to build the interactivity of the touch screen and communication with the vertical screen broadcasting the videos.

on-site view

On-site experience

The experience consists of a world map displayed on a 13-inch touchscreen on a fixed base in one of the new rooms dedicated to the permanent exhibition.

The bartenders' videos are displayed on a vertical 9:16 screen in front of the tablet, and are triggered by the user pressing the dedicated button on the world map.

Webflow as an effective no-code tool

This tool offers incredible flexibility in terms of design, performance and security. The map was built on Webflow, and is nothing more than a website.‍

With the help of a little custom code and the Caritel team we were able to dissociate the actions carried out by the user by displaying only the world map on the touch screen and the bartenders' videos on the vertical screen opposite.


Thanks to the hard work of Boucan Production and Arthur Francietta, we were able to build this interactive experience, unusual in the region. Several challenges had to be overcome, such as access to the Internet and the multi-screen required for the experience.

All this was made possible thanks to the expertise of Caritel and the screens made available.

Webflow was a particularly useful tool for customizing the experience and speeding up implementation.